Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Kitten from Heaven

picture by *hoschie of deviantart

The last time I go shopping at masjid jamek’s Mydin, I had a terrible experience with Malaysians. But I don’t want to talk about that today, here, because I talked about it the other day in another blog… hehehe… you can click here to read:

So I like to tell a happy story this time. Oh yes, just in case you’re thinking bout going to Masjid Jamek, look for moral values from anything and everything, because for some reason I find a lot from there.

So anyway, I have a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and I was rushing since I had to be there by 3pm. It was around 2.35pm at that time. I had just bought 2 scarf, one for my mum, and one for me, and also a box of chocholate, even though in my wallet, I just have a few ringgits left. I thought to myself, “what the heck, JPA shall come tomorrow…muahahahaha…lets buy some thingssss”

On my way to the LRT station, I pass a middle age lady, she doesn’t look like she’s a Malaysian. But she’s a muslim, judging from the hijab she’s wearing. She was an OKU lady, sitting on a wheelchair, holding a piece of paper in her hand, and was looking around. It looks like she has some lower limb deformity. She wasn’t begging really, but it was obvious she’s there hoping that someone would be kind enough to give donations.

just because they are OKUs,doesnt mean the can't do anything

When I walked pass her, I saw that the piece of paper she was holding was a piece of newspaper cutting with the headline “Orang OKU membantu….” I couldn’t read the rest. But I know, she’s probably there saying that, she can do something, but somehow she needs some form of financial support. (I think?). The word OKU is such a familiar word to me, because my younger sister is also an OKU. But because I was rushing and I wasn’t holding any spare change, I just walk pass her. But I can’t help feeling guilty. Yela, you don’t mind spending money to buy scarfs and chocolates even though you don’t have much, but you can’t even put in a ringgit to help someone. I thought about one of the videos posted by Anwar Hadi if I’m not mistaken, about doing charity. I really felt like I was doing exactly like the guy in the video (which is also Anwar Hadi by the way), being ignorant. But since I was in a hurry, I told myself “I promise… next time… next time”. 

So I continue walking, but the guilt did not stop, in fact it grew stronger as I walk nearer to the LRT station. But that one push for me to go back to her and put at least 1 ringgit was not there. But I pull out 3 ringgit and told myself, if I find another beggar I swear I will do some charity. But before I reach the LRT station where beggars wajib ada, I saw this small kitten.

not the real kitten

The kitten was very skinny, not that ugly, but dirty. It was sitting quite in a middle of the street exactly like how a beggar looks like. I thought “how weird? Cats don’t usually sit where they know people can trample them. Is this cat stupid? Weak? Or sick?”. So I walk slowly and my eyes were fixed to the kitten. It was looking up and left and right. It looks stupid really. I feel a bit worried, what if someone trample you. But I’m in a hurry remember? So I walk pass the cat.

Oh man, the guiltiness grew stronger. Shouldn’t I at least take the cat, put it somewhere safer where people wont trample it, and it looks so skinny, maybe buy some food stuff around masjid Jamek and just give something to fill the cat’s stomach. Who knows such a small deed could mean a lot?

Hey, who knows right?

I stop, and really thought hard. How many times in your life, that you were given a chance to do good for one after another. Its like Allah was telling me, you want to do good, here’s a chance… oh okay, so you miss the first one, here’s another one. Aik? Miss jugak….DUSH!

I felt really bad. BAD SYAITHAN! So I go back, and I was looking down, I really want to save the cat, and give it something to eat. But before I go back, I told myself, if the cat is not there, then I  will go even further back and give this RM3.00 in my hand for the OKU lady.

So I went back, and guess what, the kitten is not there anymore. Well, duh, its an alive cat, of course it have the right to just go anywhere it wants anytime it want. But because of that one little kitten I have promised to go back to that OKU lady and gives her, well, only 3 ringgit… so I did, and it made me feel good. When I was rushing back to the LRT station, the cat was still nowhere to be seen.

I don’t know where the kitten may be, whether it was actually there in the first place (hehe…) or maybe I really did miss it. But the kitten was special. I know it.