Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today, i open my blog, ghayyir nafsak, the beauty of change...
How odd...
I cant remember how much things has change..
Nevertheless, i still wish to continue on this journey
I meet people who abandoned this road
A road of self improving
Finding the truth
Doing what should be the right thing...
A road that requires a lot of self reflection...
Facing a lot of confusions
Making a lot of sacrifices
You wonder
What kind of person you really are?
The kind of person Allah had actually let you be...
And the kind of person you actually let yourself be...
I don't want to live life by default
Even if it means i need to search hard
I guess it's worth it...
All this pain i experience
The remedies that follows
The even higher degree of pain that i will experience
And the remedies, a much better remedy
My life had never been boring
Thou the colors i see
Might not all be pretty rainbows
But at least
Its not black and white
And its not grey either...

With every rains
Comes the rainbow