Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Datuk Sosilawati's death...Or not?

The murder case of the millionaire Sosilawati shocks the country, not excluding my family. The story became the main issue during this Raya season. Me, the one longing to become a pathologist is more than excited. I keep wondering wether the case was taken to HUKM or not. Even if it was, I didn’t have the chance to talk about the case with Dr. Swarhib or Prof Shahrom. Yep, they’re the best when it comes to the whole question and answer session.

Basically we know that they were murdered and then the body was burned and thrown into the river. The story is the same one every time in the newspaper, but still sells like hot goring pisang. What’s up with that? I can’t imagine what its like for the family; it must be really hard for them… anyway, all this commotion makes me think of something, DYING MESSAGE

If you watch a lot of detective conan you’ll know exactly what’s a dying message is, and its totally different from a suicide note. Of course a suicide note could also be a dying message too, I learn that from watching too many detective conan too. I’m not sure what’s the true meaning of dying message because I couldn’t find it (on the internet). But base on my personal opinion (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s the last message made in any form by the victim just before their death to tell something about their death, and usually the culprit. And if you watch detective conan you’ll know how twisted a dying message could be, its so twisted that you keep saying “are kidding me?” Maybe the reason I couldn’t find the definition of this dying message is because in real life, do people really make a dying message? Who in the right mind would be so clever think of a twisted way to tell others about the culprit when they know they have no chance to live in this world. I mean when you’re about to die, you couldn’t care less about whatever that will still go on in this world, or you may think of a way to escape or stay alive.

Anyway, I’m way off track… I was wondering you know, what if there is still a chance that some of the victim are still alive? I mean hey, in a murder case where the victims are burn to the ground, you can blind a lot of people, the police, the pathologist, even the detectives. Placing DNAs to a murder scene is not really that difficult… I learn that from watching too many CSI. Me? Honestly, I can think of a way to put the DNA to the murders scene (as if…). if only there was a dying message you know, or some kind of clue to point to whether she really was killed or is still alive. But when I think again, why would anyone want to fake her death in this case? Usually people would want to fake other people’s death (or maybe their own) if there are a lot of benefit. There may still be a possibility you know… so to say that I am 100% convinced that Sosilawati had died, I would say no. but then again, its not like this is my case or anything, hehe…

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