Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Subconscious Mind: A Power beyond our imagination

Last night, as usual I empower my subconscious mind and tell myself “tomorrow I will wake up fresh and energetic even before my alarm clock sound off, (which was set at 5.30am)”. What happen this morning is that I wake up fresh and energetic at 4.51am, and what amazes me the most was that I wake up to the sound of a cloth sliding to a wall. The sound was just a soft high pitched scratching sound. How did that happen? Well, that’s how the subconscious mind works for us. It is the familiar term that we called the mindset.

I was thinking about how great the subconscious mind. Before this I also read a lot of books and articles regarding the mind power, the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction. However the more I read about the subconscious the more I’m convinced that the subconscious power is beyond our imagination, in other words, it is a power belonging to the Ultimate Creator, Allah. All of the facts written in these books or articles are written by non muslim. They believe that their subconscious mind is like their God-like power. How can that be? We muslim believe that only Allah have such power. These were some of the facts they give that is mentioned:

The subconscious mind can control
  • ·         Our feelings
  • ·         Our intelligence
  • ·         Our abilities
  • ·         Our health at all times
  • ·         Our fate
  • ·         Our rezeki and money
  • ·         Our physiological changes
  • ·         Other people’s health, fate and changes also
  • ·         The universe
  • ·         Our DEATH???

Basically anything and everything we can think of!! Isn’t that Allah’s power? Well, duh, of course it is! That’s the only explanation. Therefore, the subconscious mind is another proof of Allah's power, he is Almighty and that every part of us belongs to Him.p


reality of the subconscious:a power greater that holds something seems so small on the surface

Besides all the above, most of the understanding of the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction is parallel to the understanding of Allah that we know, check this out

  • To get in touch with the subconscious we must be in a state of peace and calmness, can be done through self hypnosis ~~ 5 times a day of prayer plus “only when you think of God that those with faith will be in calmness”. It’s the same thing…
  • The brain is where the mind is, the mind is where the subconscious is ~~ in the holy Quran, Allah’s said; I am close to you, closer than the jugular vein (or is it the carotid? You get the point), so could it be at the brain??
  • What attracted to us is what we expect and focused to, the true thoughts in our mind, not what we want. Expect the negative, we gain what is negative.~~husnozun towards Allah, expect to gain good, we will gain good, not believing in Allah’s power, we will be at loss
  • Everyone is entitled with goodness and abundance~~every child is born with their own rezeki
  •  When we leave it to the subconscious, it will give answers to us~~ when we tawakal, leave it 100% to Allah, Allah will show us the way
  • Protection from something unwanted is impossible. The Law of Attraction protects us from everyone and everything unless we choose to invite it through our thought ~~ only Allah can protect us and only by using Allah’s Law that humans can reach a state perfect harmony and peace
  • Good will be rewarded by good and vice versa is a natural consequence of the Law of Attraction ~~ it is a sunnatullah that every good will be rewarded by good and vice versa
  • The universe is 100% fair ~~ Allah created the universe in perfect balance and perfection, there are exactly no flaws
  • There is no injustice; all beings are receiving exactly what they are focusing on ~~ Allah is the Utimate, Most Fair, Judge and Ruler of Universe
  •  We can influence other people’s subconscious even thought they are thousand miles away from us ~~ we can and should pray for others
  • The subconscious mind have infinite intelligence, it have all the answers to our questions ~~ Only Allah have this

These are just some of it. There are so many things that convinced me that these knowledge that Abraham Hick’s had introduces is actually the same thing our great Prophet Muhammad PBUH had been trying to tell us. And guess what? What we know regarding the subconscious mind is way more than what Abraham or Joseph Murphy (the writer of the book Power of Your Subconscious Mind) knows.

We also know about heaven and hell, the 99 names of Allah’s, the presence of angels and satan, the Luh Mahfuz, the life before birth and so many more from the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH sunnah…

But if we think deeper what these people had found, it’s quite amazing. They never read the Quran (of course I don’t know for sure), but they are able to come with something so parallel to Allah’s teaching. Not only that they are devoted with these believes, they also practice it and achieve abundance and success in their lives “on earth”. But if they can believe in Allah’s power without believing in Allah’s existence, how can we, those who have faith (orang2 yg beriman), who believe in Allah’s existence could not have the same amount of devotion? We should be even more devoted and more confident in Allah’s power than people in any other religion.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We live to serve others, so who will serve me??

That was a response I receive one day after saying “we live to serve others”.  I think about it for a while and blabber on talking about roughly the same thing. But I can feel that my explanation is not complete, there is a point missing, I wonder what was it. I said to myself “what on earth do I have to say to make it clear”. That was more than 2 or 3 weeks ago. This morning, as I watch Prof Muhaya’s talk at “hello on two” regarding Power of Sharing, it struck me. Prof Muhaya said, “Host to God or hostage to ego?” that’s it! Eureka!

Funny thou, I heard that statement from Prof many times before but I never seem to be able to use the statement wisely.

in a perfect world, everyone live to serve others, always helping one another...

The way I see it…

We live to serve others. Normally, the one who will serve us will be others of course, since others also live to serve others, which include us in it. Well, that is what will happen in a perfect world, where everyone serves others. The problem is, all of us agree, we are not like angels that have no needs to satisfy desires, or what we muslims called “nafsu”. All of us have the need to want something for ourselves ,correct? Therefore, even how much we serve others, is it a guarantee others will serve us too? Again, like what Prof Har like to say “In whatever we do we always asked, what’s in it for me?

Well, the answer is simple: are we host to God or hostage to  our ego?

Host to God

I looked up the word host (in Wikipedia:, it says ; host is a person who PROVIDES HOSPITALITY. Then I looked up the word HOSPITALITY. Of course, there was a lot of meaning. One of them is “cordial reception: kindness in welcoming guests or strangers.But in simpler term, we serve God kindly and willingly. When we serve God, “willingly”, there is no stress. There are a lot of reasons; these are some that I manage to brainstorm,
  • God does not really need us to serve Him; He got nothing to lose if we don’t.
  • God will be satisfied by anything good that we do to serve Him, even how small they are
  • We know that we will gain so many good from it as God had promised
  • God Himself is the judge of our doing, and He is the Ultimate Judge.

 Serving God also mean serving other people especially when our intention is to gain God’s liking. Serving others is also the same. There is no pressure and we do it willingly. When others thanked us, we feel appreciated and very happy. In fact the happiness felt when we are thanked are so much greater than happiness when we satisfy ourselves. (it's okay to disagree with this statement, but if we agree to it its better)

But then, what if we serve others and they are not thankful? Here’s the best part, when we want to give something good to other people, they don’t want it, refuse to take it, or fail to appreciate it, WE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE. We have done our part, and it had already been written as good. Remember, we live to serve God, if human don’t want to be served then serving God alone is already an abundance of goodness. Like is said before, God is the judge of our doings, not humans. If we did something with sincerity and kindness, God will know and He will be the judge whether we will receive good or not from our doings. Hoping from God is always better than hoping from humans or ourselves.

“Expecting even small things from others is frequently disappointing, expecting too much from ourselves is suicidal, expecting everything from God is both peaceful and rewarding”~Zatel Iman (me,hehe..)

As a law of what goes around comes around, when we help others a lot, others will help us. When we help God ALL THE TIME, God will also help us all the time. Therefore, more reason not to worry isn’t it?
The more we serve others, the more we serve God. The more we serve God the more God will help us. When we help out a lot, with kindness and sincerity, we know we will be helped. We will always be in confidence of God, and the help from God.  Therefore we will always be in peace, anticipating answers from the unknown and expecting good for the good we done. The more good we did in our life, the more we will be at peace. When we are at peace, we are together with the subconscious. If we are together with the subconscious… okay, too long, that is a different story… (^_^).

 God will NEVER be cruel to us and to give us sufferings for no reason. There is always a good reason for everything. But that’s another story. (read:
Therefore, there is so much greatness from being a host to God, as opposed to being a hostage to our ego.

Hostage to Ego

I looked up the word hostage and it says a hostage is a prisoner who is held by one party to insure that another party will meet specified terms. Ego is an inflated feeling of pride in our superiority to others. It is the felling of wanting something to satisfy ourselves only and therefore is also the same with our desire or nafsu.

Being hostage in a war would be devastating. Being hostage to ego on the other hand, is not devastating NOW, but it WILL BE, sooner or later. In fact, more people prefer being hostage to ego because the answer to the question of “what’s in it for me” is always there. There is always something to satisfy our nafsu or desire. Because of this it is owh so sweet…


The disadvantage is:

  • Our ego is always in need to be satisfied, it NEED, WANT, very very PUSHY! Like an annoying little girl shouting “ I want it, I want it” and cried until our eardrums explode.
  • It can be satisfied the first time, but the more we give, the more it will become unsatisfied the more it wants more. Very very ungrateful and greedy!
  • We will not gain anything good from God and to some extent even gain God’s fury… Very very dangerous
  • Ego will be the judge of our doings and according to the above it is annoying, greedy and ungrateful. So when we fail to satisfy it, it will result in stress, disappointment, anger and sometimes even hate.

 The worst thing about being hostage to ego is that, what goes around comes around… we don’t help others, others wont help us, God won’t help us. Basically the opposite will happen. So when we frequently searching for answers, always in a mess and never in peace, ask ourselves; it could be that we are not doing our job right. Hmmmm……

So what would it be?

Host to God or hostage to ego? That is a question only you can answer for yourself. The only thing I’m doing now is lying down the pros and cons (which is obviously bias, but very true ;p).

~InsyaAllah will be discussed in further details~~

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Deaf Frog (who's also blind)

The first time i heard this story was in the "bedah buku" session with brother alwi alatas for his book "bila Allah menduga kita".the story goes....

Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition.

The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower.

A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants....  

The race began....  


No one in crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower.

You heard statements such as:  

"Oh, WAY too difficult!!"  

"They will NEVER make it to the top."  

"Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!"

"get down or you'll fall and die!!"

The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one.  

Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher....

The crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!"

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up....

But ONE continued higher and higher and higher....

This one wouldn't give up!

At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, was the only one who reached the top!

THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?
A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the strength to succeed and reach the goal?

He said...."what did you say....?"

It turned out....

That the winner was DEAF!!!!

The wisdom of this story is:
Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in your heart!

Always think of the power words have.

Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!


And above all:
Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill your dreams!

I also learn that the frog may be blind,since he still keep going on despite everyone have fallen.My explanation is that it could be that he didn't see that everyone had fallen off so he keep going.besides words,other people's action could also bring us down.

the other values is that he speak!how did this became a value..?hahaha..ok i just made it up.but to me it's still a value.i won't discuss it here thou,too long..maybe i'll discuss it in the book...


Saturday, April 17, 2010

The bad effect of reading newspaper nowadays...

What Happen to the Good News???

Whatever happens to good news? I mean seriously, did you read the paper today? I didn’t read it all of course since only a fraction of it had caused me to turn away… what are the main attraction of the newspaper these days? Rapes? Child abuse? Murder? Violence? Astaghfirullah….

Why is that so? What happen to stories of the launching the “going green” program that proves to be a beneficial for the future generation or the story of the girl from the poor family that found abundance of success? Well if it’s in there, the ratio to all the negatives stories is probably 1:10…

example of a "good news"

example of a "bad news"

Why do we read the news?

Most or should I say all would response “to get to know the current issues.” Okay, so what is the function of that current issue? If you read about rapes and murder, so know you know about it, what are you going to do about it? Improve safety? AH HA!!! That’s a good story! So ask ourselves again, if it’s improving safety we are looking for, therefore is there a reason for us to get to know the details of the story?

Journalist nowadays, when they say they get the story, they really go and get it all alright… Just read the news and you know what I mean. If the story was rape, sometimes the names, gender, age, occupation, ethnicity, religion, place, time, the sequence of events that occur, the reason behind the drama, to some extent, they even tell the story like rephrasing an “adult” or 18-SX story. The readers, with an ability to imagine will, well, they will imagine of course. How can we not imagine a story when we are reading it right? Especially when the story has very good details. The same goes with other stories; murder, fraud, child abuse, and so many other problems.

If we still insist on reading these stories, ask ourselves again. “What is the purpose of me reading this story?” To improve myself or just to get the “hot” details? Nauzubillah… If we want it improve our good values and avoid any problems, even without these stories we should still improve ourselves. Is it not enough that we do what is right in the society, avoid what is bad and everyday pray that God will gives us safety. Is it the environment that determines our safety or is it God that determines everything? If we say, what if God wants to test us and make us a victim of a corrupt environment? Well, even without a corrupt environment, if He wants to tests us, will there be anything to stop Him?

The way I see if we want protection from the wrongdoings of others, the best protection is protection from God. Again, here comes the function of “amar makruf and nahi munkar”. There is a good reason why Allah wants us to do good, avoid evil and support good, prevent evil in others too. Amar makruf alone is not enough… Doing good and avoid evil alone is not enough… Support what is good and prevent what is evil…

Why dwell on the negative side of a story?

Whatever we do in life, usually we like to do something that have a good benefit to us. Like I said earlier, if we read the news to improve on our good values, is there a reason to dwell on the negative side of the story? Can’t they just go straight to the point? For example, “cases of rapes had been happening quite frequent lately especially among the teenagers. The prime minister advices all parents to be cautious of the whereabouts of their children. The government is also launching a “Remaja Bijak Jauhi Zina” program at all local school, in hope to reduce social problem among students.”…. If only…(~_~”)

What I am trying to say is, we should stop focusing on the negative side of the story and start focusing on ways to improve instead. This is the job for the newspaper! If the newspaper does not do that, then why should we read the news at all? Not only it’s a waste of money and a dark cloud over our sunny minds, it can also spread evil………

The role of the news in spreading evil

Do you realize that news has season? For example, couple of years ago, it was the black metal era. Almost all the news has black metal stories. Now, the problem is still around, but the stories are not a hotspot in the news anymore. Apparently, the problem is also not a hotspot anymore too. If we think logically the soiled mind of some people these days, if a stories is not popular, why should they go on to give their heart and minds into it? It’s the nature of humans who seek fun and enjoyment in life will focused their attention on the popular stuff nowadays. I think it’s quite obvious.

Another reason is that news sometimes gives ideas. Think about it, if the first person to use private video recordings as a threat was not on the news, do you think the method would be so popular today? People don’t read minds of people living thousand miles away from them; they know about ideas of the diabolical minds of others by reading the news. Soon enough some of them become diabolical themselves. These bad ideas are also seen in movies and dramas.

What should we do?

Well, if you want to become a journalist, you can correct this problem straight to its root. If not, we can stop reading the news that will not gives us any good benefit and start publishing our on news on ways to improve. Like what I am doing now…J

Last but not least you can share this with everyone you know and let us move forward to a better life. make it so that in the future all news should…

“stop dwelling on the negatives side of a story and start focusing on ways to improve”



Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation. Some insectsamphibiansmolluskscrustaceans,Cnidariansechinoderms and tunicates undergo metamorphosis, which is usually (but not always) accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A "Congkak board" full of belief

The Belief System Analogy

Assalamualaikum to all,

I just like to say, at first I was very reluctant to publish this post as this is one of the contents of my book, insyaAllah entitled "Metamorphosis" (still not in the market yet :P). I thought, if i publish the contents then the book wouldn't be a surprise anymore. But then a sense of guilt runs through my arteries and veins, "I had been sharing a lot of ideas to my friends and families over this time, why should this be different?". Well, for one, this is actually one of the best analogy I managed to come up with so far. But now I feel much better as to me this post will be my sadaqah to all the readers.

I was thrilled by my own analogy. I'm not sure whether it is easy to understand or not, I hope you guys can help out and give comments. Sometimes I think I went too far in my imagination. This is only a fraction of a chapter in my book. Check it out:

Everybody have different potential in life, there are things we can and cannot do. But no matter who we are, we can never know exactly what is it that we can and cannot do unless we have tried it out. Therefore our belief system should always be put on “can” mode rather than on “cannot” or “maybe” mode. This is the basic understanding of a belief system that I think is acceptable to most people.

Another understanding of the belief system is that we should all believe that every good thing is possible. Humans are created at first in perfection and its nature is for good. Just like the creation of the earth and all living creature. Everything is created on the basis of good. Therefore, every human being in the world is capable of good things. The real question is whether we want it or not. Can I be any simpler?

It is true that human are also capable of doing bad, useless or negative things. But just as much as we can put a “can” and “cannot” mode on our positive belief, we can also put it on our negative belief. For example I like to believe that I am not a failure.

I like to imagine the belief system as a board with endless holes, like a very long congkak board that have no ending. There are two lane of course, one on the right and the other on the left. On the right many of the holes are filled with pretty colorful marbles while the holes way in front that seem like it will never end are still empty. On the left, the holes are closed tight and there are no spaces to fill with anything. But some of them have some dirt on it making my congkak board look messy and dirty. Overtime I may need to sweep off the dirt to make sure my board is clean. 

Did you get the idea? The holes on the right are the positive belief I have and on the left is the complimentary negative belief. On the right the holes are open, it is on “can” mode, and the pretty marbles are the achievement made. While on the left, the holes are closed tight and this signifies any negative belief that should be closed so that we will not try to achieve something negative in life. However, sometimes we slip and make mistakes when we fail to achieve our positive belief and fall into a negative belief. These are the dirt on the closed holes. Nevertheless, such dirt can just be sweep off from the board therefore our belief system will always be clean and tidy. This is the normal and healthy belief system.

We have to set in our life positives belief and let the holes open meaning putting these beliefs on “can” mode. At the same time, the complimentary negative belief must be closed and put on a “cannot” mode. For example we cannot believe that we have a good memory at the same time believe that we are also forgetful. Sometimes we fail to memorize and forgot something that we should remember, this will be the dirt that will spoil the board, but since we left that hole closed, the dirt is not something permanent. It should not give effect to the holes on the right side that is already filled with pretty marbles. In other words, when we fail to achieve our positive belief, that is just a common error, all we have to do is sweep it off our mind and focused on filling the open holes. Therefore, we will never give up on a positive belief and we will always feel that a negative belief is something that we should not have.

To be continued....:)

This is a diagram of a healthy belief system. As addition to the above post, I like to add that the broom that sweeps the dirt can be three things, seeking forgiveness, repentance, and prayer. The three ways to clean our belief system so that we will have a healthy belief system to get us through the day.... :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Self Hypnosis ~~(@_@)~~

Most of the books I bought recently and the articles I read have one common genre, the mind. I am very interested knowing about the mind.Before this, I thought, why should I care that much about the mind, as long as I believe in Allah's Power,The Greatest Power of all,that should be enough.I was wrong....The mind itself is also Allah's being.Being?Well,I prefer thinking that the mind is a different entity than ourselves,just like how the body and our soul is two different entity.We see the body,it's easier to take care of it,but we could not see the mind.There are physical,mental and spiritual part of a human.At first I feel safe to think that the mind is the same with mental part.But the more I learn about the mind,the more I'm convinced that it is not the same with mental,but it is the entity that governs or control all the physical,mental and spiritual part of a human.If we can control the mind,not only that we can control out mental health,we could also control our body and spiritual strength.

"If I were stuck in a deserted island, who are the two people I want to be stuck with?Two hypnotics...Because then the first hypnotist could hypnostise me into thinking that I am at home,with everybody living normally and eating adequately.Of course I don't want the first hypnotist to die,so the other one could hypnotise the first one..."

Well,that's one way to see it..Luckily for us human,hypnosis does not really need a hypnotist.In fact,we can hypnotise ourselves....uuuuu....sounds weird?In my opinion,self hypnosis is nothing more than a deep prayer.Man,lucky me,I know Allah will always grant prayers...

"there is only three consequence of a prayer (doa’), one is that it will be granted, two, it will be substituted with something even better or three it will be kept as an advantage in the day of judgment"

So I say,why not?

Steps in Self Hypnosis  (

  1. Go to a quiet room and sit in any comfortable chair or couch. Although some people prefer to lie down, you are more susceptible to sleep than when sitting up. Whether you sit or lie, ensure you do not cross your legs or any part of your body. You may be in this position for a while and this could end up being uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least half an hour
  3. Close your eyes and work to rid your mind of any feelings of fear, stress, or anxiety. When you begin, you might find it difficult not to think. You may find that thoughts keep intruding. When this happens, don't try to force the thoughts out. Observe them impartially, and then let them slip away. See How to Meditate for more help with this step
  4.   Recognize the tension in your body. Beginning with your toes, imagine the tension slowly falling away from your body and vanishing. Imagine it freeing each body part one at a time starting with your toes and working its way up your body. Visualize each part of your body becoming lighter and lighter as the tension is removed. relax your toes, then your feet. Continue with your calves, thighs, hips, stomach and so on, until you've relaxed each portion, including your face and head. Using imagery techniques of something you find comforting or soothing, such as water (feel the water rushing over your feet and ankles, cleansing them of tension) can be effective as well.
  5. Take slow, deep breaths. When you exhale, see the tension and negativity leaving in a dark cloud. As you inhale, see the air returning as a bright force filled with life and energy.
  6.  Appreciate the fact that you are now extremely relaxed. Imagine you are at the top of a flight of 10 stairs which at the fifth step start to submerge into water. Picture every detail of this scene from the top to the bottom. Tell yourself that you are going to descend the stairs, counting each step down, starting at 10. Picture each number in your mind. Imagine that each number you count is further down and one step closer to the bottom. After each number, you will feel yourself drifting further and further into deep relaxation. As you take each step, imagine the feel of the step under your feet. Once you are at the fifth step imagine and truly feel the refreshing coolness of the water and tell yourself that you are stepping into an oasis of purity and cleanliness. As you begin to descend the last five steps, start to feel the water getting higher and higher up your body. You should now start to feel somewhat numb and your heart will start to race a bit, but notice it and let any qualms about the situation just drift away into the water
  7. At this point at the bottom of the water you shouldn't really feel anything just a floating sensation you may even feel like you're spinning. Once you have achieved this state you should proceed to address your problems and decide upon what it is you want from where you are. (Note: if you do not feel as stated above, try again, slower with a will to grasp what is happening.) Now start to narrate what you are doing, speak in the present and future tense quietly to yourself, or as if you are reading it from a page. Start to picture three boxes under the water that you have to swim to get to. Once you have found the boxes open them slowly one at a time and narrate to yourself what is happening when you open the box. For example 'As i open the box i feel a radiant light engulf me, i feel it becoming a part of me, this light is my new found confidence that i can not ever lose as it is now apart of me' and then proceed on to the next box. You should avoid using statements with negative connotation such as "I don't want to be tired and irritable." Instead, say, "I am becoming calm and relaxed." Examples of positive statements "I am strong and slender," "I am successful and positive," and, if you have pain, "My back is beginning to feel wonderful." (See Warning on pain.)
  8. Repeat your statement(s) to yourself as many times as you wish. 2 or 3 times should be enough
  9. Once you are satisfied with what you have done and embraced, swim back to the stairs and feel with each step you take the water becoming lower and lower until you have once again reached that fifth step. Once you are out of the water and are on the sixth step you may start to feel heavy or as if there is a weight on your chest. Merely wait on the step until this passes, constantly repeating your aforementioned statements. Once it passes continue up the stairs visualizing each step by its number, feeling the steps under neath you, will yourself to carry on up the stairs.
  10. Once you have ascended, give yourself a few moments before opening your eyes. You may want to visualise yourself opening a door to the outside world, do this slowly and imagine the light that pours in through the door way, this should make your eyes open. Take your time getting up. Then out loud tell yourself "Wide awake, Wide awake" or something maybe that your mother used to say when she woke you up in the morning as a child. This will put your mind back in the conscious state.

for the muslims,we know that only by remembering Allah that those with faith can feel calm,so always think of Allah when we are self hypnotizing.In my opinion,we may not have direct interaction with Allah,but our subconscious does,because it is our subconscious that made us "feel" the presence of Allah.or when we suddenly remember Allah,we know that it is the doing of our subconscious because memory is within the subconscious power,so it is only logical that our subconscious is the bridge between us and Allah.if we keep connecting with the subconscious we are connecting with Allah,n Allah sends its Power to us through our subconscious which is why we say Allah is in control with our whole body.i guess we can also called this self hypnosis as an art of prayer.yes,Allah is Almighty...!
that's it for todays sharing session,so happy trying...!(^_^)

Dunia Yang Adil

This is actually an article I made specially for my dad's magazine (yang baru diluluskan :)) called "Lestari".But I'm not sure yet whether my dad will take it or not,he still reconsidering it...huhu..:P

Dunia yang Adil

Kita pernah mendengar kata-kata sesetengah orang yang mendakwa “hidup ini memang tidak adil”. Pada kebiasaannya kata-kata ini diucapkan oleh mereka yang telah ditimpa dengan kesusahan atau mereka yang telah berputus asa. Kata-kata berunsur negative seperti ini malangnya telah menjadi kebiasaan dalam masyarakat kita. Allah menjanjikan bahawa setiap kebaikan akan diganti dengan kebaikan dan setiap keburukan akan dibalas dengan keburukan, sesungguhnya Allah adalah Hakim Yang Maha Adil. Allah telah menciptakan dunia ini dengan penuh keseimbangan dan Allah juga telah menetapkan hukum-hukumya bagi mencapai keadilan yang pasti didunia ini.

 Sifat sesetengah  manusia kebanyakkannya sering ragu dengan janji Allah. Kita sering dikaburi dengan khabar angin tentang kehidupan tidak adil. Malah, cerita seperti ini digembar gemburkan lagi di dada-dada akhbar. Kisah mereka yang tidak berdosa ditimpa malang dan bencana. Kita seolah-olah dibasuh oleh media untuk memikirkan bahawa kehidupan yang sebenar ini tiada keadilannya. Minda manusia sekiranya diterapkan setiap hari dengan sesuatu yang seharusnya bukanlah kebiasaan lama kelamaan ia akan menjadi perkara yang dianggap normal bagi kita. Oleh itu, kehidupan sebenar didunia ini adalah tidak adil menjadi sesuatu yang dianggap benar. Bukankah hidup didunia ini dengan satu kemungkinan bahawa ketidakadilan mungkin boleh berlaku kepada diri kita adalah sesuatu yang menyedihkan? Kita akan hidup dengan perasaan takut dan kita akan sering berasa tidak selamat.

Hakikatnya, hidup didunia ini sememangnya adil. Apa sahaja yang kita terima dari Allah adalah hasil daripada pekerjaan kita dan apa sahaja yang Allah berikan kepada hambaNya adalah untuk kebaikan kita. Apa yang menyebabkan kita sering merasa bahawa dunia ini tidak adil berpunca dari cara pemikiran kita. Orang yang sentiasa berfikiran positif akan mendapati bahawa keadilan itu sememangnya wujud  manakala pemikiran negative akan menyebabkan kita cepat berputus asa dan bersedih. Samaada kita ingin percaya atau tidak, keadilan itu sentiasa ada. Allah tidak pernah berlaku tidak adil kepada hambaNya, namun manusia memang terang-terangan mampu berlaku tidak adil. Tetapi perlukah kita risau sekiranya manusia berlaku tidak adil kepada kita? Manusia yang tidak adil pasti akan menerima balasan atas ketidakadilan yang dilakukan samaada didunia ataupun di akhirat. Mereka yang teranaya juga diberi keistimewaan disisi Allah kerana doa golongan orang teranaya adalah antara doa-doa yang makbul, malahan doa mereka yang kufur sekalipun sekiranya teranaya juga akan dikabulkan. Kita memang digalakkan bagi menuntut keadilan namun kita perlu menggunakan cara yang baik bagi menuntut keadilan. Ketidakadilan sekiranya dibalas dengan ketidakadilan, hasilnya pasti sesuatu yang lebih buruk dari keadaan asal. Allah berfirman:

Serulah (manusia) kepada jalan Tuhanmu dengan hikmah dan pengajaran yang baik, dan berdebatlah dengan mereka dengan cara yang baik. Sesungguhnya Tuhanmu, Dialah yang lebih mengetahui siapa yang sesat dari jalanNya. Dan Dialah yang mengetahui siapa yang mendapat petunjuk. Dan jika kamu membalas, maka balaslah dengan (balasan) yang sama dengan siksaan yang ditimpakan kepadamu. Tetapi jika kamu bersabar, sesungguhnya itulah lebih baik bagi orang yang sabar. (An-Nahl;125-126)

Oleh itu, balasan kepada mereka yang bersalah dibolehkan dengan syarat tidak boleh melebihi dari apa yang kita terima. Tetapi, Allah juga menekankan bahawa kesabaran itu adalah lebih baik dari membalas kesalahan orang lain.

Sekiranya kita ditimpa musibah atau ketidakadilan kita perlu lihat pada beberapa aspek kepada masalah yang dihadapi.

1.       Aspek yang pertama adalah diri kita sendiri. Kita perlu percaya bahawa setiap musibah itu adalah kebaikan bagi kita. Selain bagi memberi kesedaran terhadap kesilapan, musibah memberi kita peluang untuk sabar. Seperti yang kita ketahui, orang yang sabar adalah antara orang-orang yang paling tinggi darjatnya disisi Allah dan pahala bagi orang yang sabar adalah sangat besar. Musibah bukanlah hukuman kepada manusia tetapi ia adalah peringatan dan antara cara yang Allah gunakan dengan harapan hambaNya akan kembali ke jalanNya yang lurus. Terdapat sebuah analogi yang digunakan oleh penulis buku “Bila Allah Menduga Kita” tentang musibah. Ibarat dua orang rakan, seorang berada di atas bangunan yang tinggi yang cuba memanggil rakannya seorang lagi yang berada dibawah bangunan. Apabila dijerit dari atas sudah pasti tidak didengarinya. Maka rakan yang berada diatas membaling duit syiling ke awah. Rakannya di bawah tanpa berfikir panjang hanya mengambil duit tersebut dengan gembira tanpa memandang atas. Dibaling lagi syiling yang lebih besar dan tinggi harganya tapi masih tidak disedari. Rakannya yang  diatas berasa marah lalu memcampakkan batu yang terkena pada kepala rakannya dibawah. Saat itu barulah rakannya yang berada dibawah menyedari rakannya  yang di atas. Manusia sifat mereka memang selalu melupakan Allah ketika senang dan akan berpaling kepada Allah ketika susah. Sekiranya sesuatu buruk menimpa, kita perlu mengingat kembali pekerjaan yang kita lakukan. Kita perlu kembali pada Allah kerana Allah suka sekiranya hambaNya berdoa kepadaNya. Kita juga perlu menyesali dosa yang kita pernah lakukan dahulu dan bertaubat untuk melindungi diri kita dari terus terdedah dengan bahaya ditimpa musibah dari Allah.

“…dia mendapat kehinaan di dunia, dan pada hari kiamat Kami berikan kepadanya rasa azab neraka yang membakar. “itu kerana perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh kedua tanganmu” dan Allah sekali-kali tidak menzalimi hamba-hambaNya. (Al-Hajj;9-10)

Musibah juga kadangkala diberikan bagi membuka peluang yang lebih baik bagi kita. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, setiap kesusahan pasti akan disusuli dengan kebaikan. Maka bukankah adil sekiranya pada setiap musibah itu ada perkara yang baik disebaliknya?

2.       Aspek kedua adalah orang sekeliling. Kadangkala, kita merasakan bahawa kita menjadi mangsa kepada keburukan dan ketidakadilan orang disekeliling kita. Perkara ini memang benar. Musibah pada diri kita juga berkemungkinan adalah ujian juga bagi orang-orang yang berdekatan dengan kita. Seperti kisah anak-anak kecil yang tidak berdosa dirogol dan dibunuh, ini adalah ujian kepada ibu-bapanya. Maka kita juga perlu memastikan bahawa orang disekeliling kita juga bebas dari melakukan perkara yang boleh membawa kepada musibah dari Allah yang tertempias kepada kita. Kita seharusnya mengambil pelajaran dari apa yang berlaku dengan menyokong kearah kebaikan serta mengelakkan diri dan orang lain dari keburukan. Kita juga perlu berhati-hati dalam pergaulan dan mencari orang-orang yang baik untuk digauli. Perlulah sentiasa beringat bahawa persekitaran yang tidak baik juga mampu memberi kesan pada kita. Konsep mudah ini dikenali sebagai amar makruf dan nahi munkar. Jika hanya diri kita sahaja yang baik, keselamatan kita tidak akan terjamin sekiranya kita membiarkan kejahatan berleluasa. Apabila sesuatu keburukan berlaku, orang yang berada disekeliling kita juga sebenarnya diuji. Mereka perlu megambil iktibar dan berusaha bagi memperbaiki keadaan juga. Maka bukankah adil sekiranya orang disekeliling juga diuji dan musibah itu peringatan yang berpunca dari kelalaian?

3.       Aspek ketiga adalah dari sudut mereka yang berlaku tidak adil. Jika jelas sekali tujuan ketidakadilan mereka adalah untuk memuaskan hawa nafsu mereka, sudah pastinya, hidup mereka yang terus bergelumang dengan dosa dan akan berakhir dengan kehinaan dan azab di akhirat kelak. Rezeki yang diterima dari punca yang haram tidak akan diberkati. Manusia seperti ini akan mealui hidup yang penuh dengan kesusahan dan mereka tidak akan bertemu dengan ketenangan selagi mereka tidak bertaubat kepda Allah dengan sepenuhnya. Itu merupakan janji Allah. Ini adalah golongan manusia yang perlu kita bawa kepada jalan yang lurus kerana kejahatan mereka akan memberi kesan kepada kita terutamanya jika mereka mempunyai pengaruh yang besar. Kita juga perlu ingat, kadangkala kezaliman yang dilakukan itu sendiri berkemungkinan adalah ujian bagi mereka. Kadangkala kita pernah berlaku tidak adil dan menzalimi orang disekeliling kita. Jika kita tersedar dari kesilapan itu kita mungkin akan berasa bersalah dan malu mengahadapi masyarakat. Tetapi janganlah kita terus bersedih  kerana keadilan tetapa ada. Seperti kita sedia maklum Allah menerima taubat hambaNya tidak kira apa pun kesilapan yang kita lakukan, kita masih boleh kembali ke pangkal jalan selagi nyawa masih ada dan selagi kiamat belum tiba. Maka bukankah adil sekiranya orang yang berlaku zalim itu juga sedang diuji dan akan menerima balasannya? Bukankah adil sekiranya setiap kesilapan itu mampu dibersihkan dengan taubat?

 Kesilapan yang sering dilakukan adalah apabila kita melihat aspek-aspek kepada musibah ini secara berasingan. Apabila sesuatu buruk berlaku, ketiga-tiga aspek ini memainkan peranan. Kita tidak perlu merasakan bahawa sesuatu ketidakadilan itu adalah berpunca dari diri kita sahaja dan pengajarannya hanyalah untuk kita. Kita juga tidak boleh menyalahkan orang yang berlaku tidak adil tersebut atau orang sekeliling sahaja. Hasilnya kita tidak akan mendapat apa-apa kebaikan dari musibah itu. Apabila ditimpa apa sahaja keburukan yang membuatkan kita berasa susah, bukalah minda kita dan fikirkanlah kesemua aspek kepada sesuatu yang buruk. Pengajaran dan kebaikan dari suatu musibah itu sebenarnya melimpah ruah. Ada yang mengatakan “sekiranya tiada musibah, umat islam ketika hari kiamat akan berada dalam kemiskinan”.

Jika kita sering berfikiran positif dan mengharapkan yang terbaik dari apa sahaja yang berlaku, Allah akan membukakan mata dan hati kita kepada kebaikan-kebaikan ini. Sekiranya kita berfikiran negative, terus berasa marah, sedih, dan benci, mata dan hati kita akan tertutup dari kebaikan yang Allah ingin berikan pada kita. Kita akan menolak perkara yang baik dan syaitan akan lebih mudah memperdayakan kita. Rugilah kita jika kita gagal mendapatkan kebaikan dari apa sahaja ujian yang Allah berikan kepada kita dan lebih teruk lagi jika kita membalas ujian dari Allah dengan keburukan, kesedihan, kemarahan atau kejahatan  yang akhirnya hanya akan memakan diri kita sendiri. Percayalah abhawa keadilan itu sentiasa ada, kita perlu mencarinya, mewujudkannya supaya kita dapat menikmati kehidupan yang serba indah.