Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Subconscious Mind: A Power beyond our imagination

Last night, as usual I empower my subconscious mind and tell myself “tomorrow I will wake up fresh and energetic even before my alarm clock sound off, (which was set at 5.30am)”. What happen this morning is that I wake up fresh and energetic at 4.51am, and what amazes me the most was that I wake up to the sound of a cloth sliding to a wall. The sound was just a soft high pitched scratching sound. How did that happen? Well, that’s how the subconscious mind works for us. It is the familiar term that we called the mindset.

I was thinking about how great the subconscious mind. Before this I also read a lot of books and articles regarding the mind power, the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction. However the more I read about the subconscious the more I’m convinced that the subconscious power is beyond our imagination, in other words, it is a power belonging to the Ultimate Creator, Allah. All of the facts written in these books or articles are written by non muslim. They believe that their subconscious mind is like their God-like power. How can that be? We muslim believe that only Allah have such power. These were some of the facts they give that is mentioned:

The subconscious mind can control
  • ·         Our feelings
  • ·         Our intelligence
  • ·         Our abilities
  • ·         Our health at all times
  • ·         Our fate
  • ·         Our rezeki and money
  • ·         Our physiological changes
  • ·         Other people’s health, fate and changes also
  • ·         The universe
  • ·         Our DEATH???

Basically anything and everything we can think of!! Isn’t that Allah’s power? Well, duh, of course it is! That’s the only explanation. Therefore, the subconscious mind is another proof of Allah's power, he is Almighty and that every part of us belongs to Him.p


reality of the subconscious:a power greater that holds something seems so small on the surface

Besides all the above, most of the understanding of the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction is parallel to the understanding of Allah that we know, check this out

  • To get in touch with the subconscious we must be in a state of peace and calmness, can be done through self hypnosis ~~ 5 times a day of prayer plus “only when you think of God that those with faith will be in calmness”. It’s the same thing…
  • The brain is where the mind is, the mind is where the subconscious is ~~ in the holy Quran, Allah’s said; I am close to you, closer than the jugular vein (or is it the carotid? You get the point), so could it be at the brain??
  • What attracted to us is what we expect and focused to, the true thoughts in our mind, not what we want. Expect the negative, we gain what is negative.~~husnozun towards Allah, expect to gain good, we will gain good, not believing in Allah’s power, we will be at loss
  • Everyone is entitled with goodness and abundance~~every child is born with their own rezeki
  •  When we leave it to the subconscious, it will give answers to us~~ when we tawakal, leave it 100% to Allah, Allah will show us the way
  • Protection from something unwanted is impossible. The Law of Attraction protects us from everyone and everything unless we choose to invite it through our thought ~~ only Allah can protect us and only by using Allah’s Law that humans can reach a state perfect harmony and peace
  • Good will be rewarded by good and vice versa is a natural consequence of the Law of Attraction ~~ it is a sunnatullah that every good will be rewarded by good and vice versa
  • The universe is 100% fair ~~ Allah created the universe in perfect balance and perfection, there are exactly no flaws
  • There is no injustice; all beings are receiving exactly what they are focusing on ~~ Allah is the Utimate, Most Fair, Judge and Ruler of Universe
  •  We can influence other people’s subconscious even thought they are thousand miles away from us ~~ we can and should pray for others
  • The subconscious mind have infinite intelligence, it have all the answers to our questions ~~ Only Allah have this

These are just some of it. There are so many things that convinced me that these knowledge that Abraham Hick’s had introduces is actually the same thing our great Prophet Muhammad PBUH had been trying to tell us. And guess what? What we know regarding the subconscious mind is way more than what Abraham or Joseph Murphy (the writer of the book Power of Your Subconscious Mind) knows.

We also know about heaven and hell, the 99 names of Allah’s, the presence of angels and satan, the Luh Mahfuz, the life before birth and so many more from the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH sunnah…

But if we think deeper what these people had found, it’s quite amazing. They never read the Quran (of course I don’t know for sure), but they are able to come with something so parallel to Allah’s teaching. Not only that they are devoted with these believes, they also practice it and achieve abundance and success in their lives “on earth”. But if they can believe in Allah’s power without believing in Allah’s existence, how can we, those who have faith (orang2 yg beriman), who believe in Allah’s existence could not have the same amount of devotion? We should be even more devoted and more confident in Allah’s power than people in any other religion.



Anonymous said...

Great sum it up quite well....i have been searching for the Islamic connection/perspective on the power of the subconscis mind...your post reflects largely my thoughts on the matter too..

Anonymous said...

Asalamo alaykom,

May Almighty ALLAH reward you,you have touched on a lots of things that make sense as you said truly when we look deep into our beautiful religion we find all the answers we want at every single level we think of.

May ALLAH bless you and i pray that we'll meet in his Jannah.
Asalamo alaykom

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah, finally here's the islamic perspectice about the subconscious mind. :)