Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lucky Negative??Better not

The Lucky Negative Thinker
from facebook notes Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 9:08pm

If you feel that you are in this group of people, let me wish you a big congratulation, because a miracle just happenned. Why do I say that? Isn’t it logical to think that if a person who have negative thinking and did not work for something good in life yet still receive good things, is something very out of the ordinary? For example, someone who is really sure that he is stupid and that he will never be accepted to the university will always have no motivation to study hard. If he encounters a problem he could not solve, he would simply gives up as he is very sure he will never be able to answer the question. He sits at the back of his class as he feels that the front row is not meant for stupid students like him. But, suddenly he passes the exam, and got accepted to a prestigious University! Isn’t that a miracle? 

Now I may seem to be using some exaggeration here, but the truth is, gaining success over a negative thinking really is a miracle. People, who have negative thinking, will always limits themselves. When we are not confident that we can do something, we will not believe that we can get over the obstacles to reach our goals. This is because; our subconscious mind had already picked up these negatives thoughts and interprets it as reality, our reality. In this reality of ours, we will never be able to achieve our goal. Therefore, every time there is something in our way, the mind will tell us that it is something that is impossible to overcome. There is no way our subconscious mind will push us to the extent of trying to get over the obstacles because it does not match to the negative thinking we had programmed for it earlier. This is not the fault of our mind; our subconscious mind cannot differentiate what is good and what is not for you. It can only interpret what you had given to it. 

So, the real issue here is, are you comfortable being in this group? You may disagree and say that most of the time you were not confident to pass the exam but you still pass. This could either be that in between those negative thinking; there is still some positive thinking. Therefore, there is a 50:50 chance that the positive thinking wins the day. Or it could be that your goal is actually really that easy, the one that is physiologically attainable by your own body ability. So what was the function of those negative thinking you had been feeding your mind? Other than misery, sadness, stress and weakness, I don’t think there is anything good. So is there a reason for us not to be positive in life? I don’t think so.

But if negative thinking is so bad and worthless, why do people still like having it? It’s like asking someone why you still prefer to eat fast food even though it is not healthy for you. You will say, because it taste good, it’s fast and so addictive! Well that’s exactly how negative thinking works. People like it because it make them feel good, because it is safer, thus they feel like they are in a comfort zone and it is comfortable for them. People are afraid of getting hurt. If after a positive thinking on something but the goal is not achieved, we are more afraid of the sadness, shame and misery we had to face. What we don’t know is that, if the correct way of positive thinking is applied, these worries will not affect us. Of course we would not know about it, if we never tried it out ourselves. It is also faster to think negative than positive since negative thinking does not require ideas and a lot of effort. If that is the case, then of course it will be addictive. Something easier in life will always be human’s preference, especially if they never tried anything better. 

Our mind is like a system in an organ(brain). It will receive whatever we give to it. If we keep feeding it with negative thinking, it is something easy, fast and seems safe. Which mind in the right mind wouldn’t want that right? Because of this, our mind becomes less sensitive to producing positive thoughts. to some point,negative thinking is the only thing it can come out with! we dont' want this do we? This is why we feel very difficult to spontaneously produce a healthy positive thought in stressful situations or even in our simple daily life. What did this to our mind is not ourselves in the first place. We were probably raised that way since our childhood. We watch other people lives, we watch their dramas, hearing the way other people talks and response. All these exposures cause this pathology to our mind when we were young and still unaware of the presence of this entity called the mind. The mind were taught to be negative in response to situations. Therefore, it is not our fault if we are weak right now. What become our responsibility and our mistakes is that when we mature and have more control of our mind, we still let the environment around us soil this good mind.We refuse to believe in the good things we had done,and anticipate the worst case scenario to avoid disappointment.How will our mind ever learn to be positive in that case, and how is it suppose to push us to victory when what we anticipate is failure?We have to be confident that good things will always happen, thats basically the main point.

a verse from Quran, An-Nahl,97:

barangsiapa yg mengrjakan KEBAJIKAN(usaha yg baik) baik lelaki/perempuan dlm keadaan BERIMAN(believe/yakin spenuhnya dgn hati,ikrar dgn mulut,laku dgn anggota), maka pasti Kami berikan kpdanya KEHIDUPAN YG BAIK(didunia) dan Kami beri balasan dgn PAHALA YG LEBIH BAIK (di akhirat) dari apa yg mereka kerjakan

So if we have full +ve thinking after our hard work,then for sure we will gain good both in this life and life hereafter.

what is the antidote to negative thinking??again, BELIEVE...i keep talking about believe,but i havent explain it yet.huhuh...but d truth is,believing is simple,YOU are the only person require to create believe.still, maybe i should explain about believe too huh?but before that maybe we should discover +ve thinking too,why is it so hard to be positive and what's stopping us?after all,the key to believe is positive thinking...:D

the reason why I'm sharing this is because I found happiness in this field.I will do what it takes to share this happiness as keeping happiness to myself does not make me happy. I will deliver what I can,but I can never make anyone change their mind if they chose not to.I am not at loss,I will not be disappointed,I will remain happy as long as I believe in what I'm doing and Allah swt is my Judge only to Him is seek protection and guidance...(sorry i have to put this here,i need to remind and motivate myself too u know,huhu,niway,to believe is to feel it with heart,say it with words,and implementing it with physical)

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