Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reach for the Stars

Some people thinks that its too difficult, its tiring, impossible! Well, they maybe right, especially if they believe it that way. It’s true though, it can be tiring… that’s why most people would rather spend their time just watching the stars. But when does tiredness stop those with passion, surely it doesn’t. 

some think that it can be painful, well yeah, if you want to reach the stars, you got to get rid of the acrophobia, risks yourself falling not just a few meters down, but a thousand miles, where the ground won’t be friendly to you. You’ll get injured along the way, naturally, self inflicted, or by other person. One way or another, you have to find a way to heal. You have to get better, because you don’t immobilized yourself if you want to reach the stars. The fracture from the fall may unite, but who can say that there will be no mal union, delayed union, hopefully not non-union… you may get fragile for a moment. But if you got the guts to make a step towards the stars, you’ll know you can never stop; overtime you will find the strength to do it. When you try to strike even though you’re injured, you may fall again. The people around may think that you have fail, but unless you give up, they can never really say it out loud without being sinful. Just keep on reaching for the stars, so what if you fall, the question is, will you give up? 

If you want to reach the stars get yourself ready to face all the asteroids along the way right? Not just to think of a way to reach for it. Your goal is just to get there, no time frame… if you die along the way, at least you’ll die as someone who is reaching for the stars, giving all out every time, and never giving up rather than dying as someone who just spend their time watching the stars. Do your best in everything you do for the sake of the One who created you, the universe, love and happiness on earth so that even if you don’t reach the stars you’ll see on earth, you’ll end up even higher up in heaven

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