Sunday, December 26, 2010

A friend in Art

Picture by MalvaAlcea of DeviantART

A friend in Art...
The time you left your room
I stare at the empty bed
As I lay down in the emptiness
My feelings echoes cross the empty room
Tears run down unexpectedly
Will I be lonely?
Can you still be there for me?
Can I still lend my shoulder for you?
Will you still share to me your funny stories?

How can I blame you my friend?
When my heart is just as fragile
To say I know what you have felt
Or to say I saw it like what you saw through your eyes
But tell me how to stop me from blaming myself?
For not being a reason for you to stay
But then when fate has set its foot on earth
I don’t want to be the person to defy His Knowledge

I remember the time we say to each other
“Will you be my friend, my very best friend?”
I couldn’t remember who says it first
But it comes from our heart, both of our hearts
As we put our arms around each other
Our tears become the only witness

Where in this court of law
That friendship can be ruin because of distance?
As words of art become the string that bonds us
And Allah becomes the Watchful Observer
How can I astray from this beautiful friendship?
The most unique one I ever had
To be able to express myself in such a way
Not many would and want to understand

This desire to create beauty
Using emotions and using vocabularies
A desire rooted from the passion to love
And the ability to let emotions takes form
To exaggerate feelings in an artistic way
And to nourished this gift from Allah
In the safety of my own action

My friend in Art
We are never far away in form
We are never far away by heart
But we rarely see to greet each other like we use to
Because of time, because of work...
But this moment of art
Is the moment that lasted long enough
For you to know that I care
For me to know that you care
For us to know that we care and understand each other
Maybe not as close as they think
Maybe not as far away as they think too
I’m glad that I have...
A friend in Art

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marmasri said...


Thanks for being understanding artistically...

Hope this artistic bonding keep us closer. :)