Friday, November 5, 2010

Break Away from the Prison of Sins

Ask ourselves
How many times had we made the same mistakes?
Failing to make the right choice, even when we know the choices are there?
How many times have we imprisoned ourselves?
With lies, excuses and all those rubbish!!
Do we think that Allah will go easy on us?
Do we think that Allah will spare us when all we do is just becoming weaker and weaker...

Wake up!
We will not be saved because we are weak!
Do we think we can buy heaven with our “good deeds”?
How can we when our life is too short?
Have we gone stupid?
Or have the devil succeed in lying to us?

Wake up!
We can make a difference
We can change the world!
Or at least,
We can change ourselves
We can choose to right path
And we can choose not to astray

We are stronger than we thought
Stop thinking that we are weak
We can be strong if we want to
Its up to us!
To become smarter
To become better
How long do we expect to be improsined
How long do we want to live in this darkness?
Haunted by the sins we made and cause with our own hands

Be free
Strengthen ourselves
And strengthen others around us
We can do it
Because we will do it for Allah

“dan barangsiapa yang berserah diri keapda Allah, sedang dia orang yang berbuat kebaikan, maka sesungguhnya dai telah berpegang pada buhul tali yang kukuh. Hanya kepada Allah kesudahan segala urusan” (31:22)


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