Friday, November 26, 2010

Butterfly Fly Away

I dare to say it
I had evolve
To become the beautiful butterfly I always wanted to be
I know I must keep on evolving
Finding more and more knowledge and skills
Trying to become the best at everything

Butterfly fly away...

But today
I dare to say
This is the person I wanted to be

Strong and still strong no matter what happen
To be able to stand up after a fall
To be able to still cry even when others laugh happily
And able to smile when others cry miserably
To think good of others no matter how painful it could be
To keep believing in God and keep searching for His light

I have someone to thank for it
Whether you know or not
Whether you will or not
I am still thankful
You make me strong enough
To take my first step
And weak enough
To seek for Allah’s protection
My prayers be with you
And to all my friends
Thank you
Thank you all for always supporting me

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