Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Follower of the words,both blessing and cursed...

On the last day of Mukhyyam at surau Ansar,we had a "curhat" session among ourselves.One of our friend,Ain Ali,share words from the book she read (in which I had forgotten what it's called,but its a book of sahabat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w)...Her words were:

"jadikan hati kita makmum kepada kata-kata kita" in other words, make it so that the heart is the follower to the words we say.

the message was from the story where Umar say to Muhammad saw,that he love him more than himself.the Prophet says, no, you should love me more than anything in the world.Without hesitation, Umar changed his words on the spot,and say that he loves Muhammad saw more than anything in the world

Umar did not waste time to think whether he can or will love Muhammad saw more than anything in the world,he just say it,and he knows that his heart is the followers of his words.

The fact is,words do speak louder than what we say in our heart.When we say what we feel,it is like a vow.When we don't say it,it will just be a feeling and feelings can sometimes be insignificant.What we say even though we don't feel will have different effects on ourselves and other people.Allah warns, Why do you say things that you don't do?His anger is greater to those who say but did not do.This is not a warning to stop us from saying good things of good doings,but it is a warning that to all the good things we said,we have to do.In other words,the things we say is a black and white document of what we have to do.Think of it as a promise,a motivation or a lesson from Allah.

There is a role of words in mindset, one of them is through frequent affirmation.Affirmation is declaring something to be true.One of things I learned from the book Power of Your Subconscious Mind is that the subconscious does not take a joke.If we say it,whether we meant it or not,it will be taken up by our subconscious and will be interpreted as true.This is exactly why we should avoid using negative words as much as possible.If we affirm,everyday,negative words,it is like a bad seed that is buried in our mind that will grow bushes of thorns and poison ivy.It will hurt us and other people we spread it to.

Now,there is a role of affirmation in the Law of attraction.In addition,if we want to attract something,not only that we need to affirm it,we need to feel it,visualize it..when we put emotions,the attraction will be amplified,closer,stronger to us...Did you get a hint of what I really want to say?

sualization...Well,just straight to the point,I'm talking about MUSIC.We hear it everyday,we sing to it,we feel the emotions in it,and we saw the videoclips.My oh my,that's the whole thing to attract something alright?Do you realize how big can music affect the brain?It is almost like it was design to change someone's mind.What we say,feel,visualize and repeated to us,is almost like casting a spell on ourselves.It's not wrong to sing really,I love singing,I love music.But we have to pick the right one,with the right words.I mean imagine what happen if you sing:

betapa bodohnya d.....
sanggup diduakan dirimu


i'm a slave for you
i cant deny it
i'm not trying to hide it


i try so hard,and got so far
but in the end it doesn't even matter

what about those songs that goes

aku ada,kerna kau pun ada.../aku tercipta untukmu/aku tak mampu hidup tanpamu


aku ingin menjadi "sesuatu"
yang selalu bisa kau sentuh


Yang kamu hanyalah satu
Dan tak pernah lelah ku menunggumu
Hingga aku punya kamu
Aku milikmu

MasyaAllah.....what a curse!!I mean do we really?Nauzubillah....

no wonder there are so many social problems between the youngsters,it was the curse that have weakened their minds and soul

if we really want to sing,we can,just have to pick the right songs...i mean imagine what these songs can do to us:

i believe i can fly
i believe i can touch the sky

i have a dream
a song to sing
to help me through with anything

gemuruh jiwa,semangat membara,dari puncak ingin ke angkasa

segalanya dalam gengaman,walau apapun xkn menjadi halangan
hidup ini,setia menanti,generasiku bersinar bagai mentari

waaaaa......that sound much better...huhu

so,please,before we begin to sing or even to hum,think about it.what will these words do to me?singing is serious business people,we are what we sing.heeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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