Friday, July 16, 2010

What can I say to myself...

Metamorphosis is a bit dusty recently...I feel sorry for myself...frankly speaking, the aura of positive thinking in me had been deteriorating since.....well honestly i don't want to talk about it.Rather than spending time thinking about the event that leads to our defeat,we should focus on strength. I guess that is something I can still hold on to.
still training my mind to be able to make the day where the sun will always shine and the rain will make me see the beautiful rainbow

Before this I actually think it’s impossible for me to get in a state where I had exhausted all my postiveness. Fortunately, I still believe that it is possible that one day, my life is filled with sunshine and I am positive all day long. Positive thinking skills are in fact requires a lot of practice. Its not difficult you see, because its almost like turning on a switch, up goes our positive emotions. But most of the time, we feel like its so difficult to turn up that switch because we don’t want to let go all these resentment, sadness, anger or anything else that is holding back our positive emotions. Now that I experienced it myself I guess it’s safe to say I know how that feels. Sometimes we hold back negative feeling because we thought that the negative emotions may attract others to give us comfort or we want the other person that hurt our feelings to acknowledge their mistake toward ourselves. There are many other reasons, and sometimes you hold back just because you don’t think that in that time, being positive will not give any good benefit to us.

Well to all the reasons, NOTHING, and I emphasize again, NOTHING in this world can actually compares to the happiness of having the ability to yield a positive attitude in any kind of situation. But to gain that, you must not take any situation as an exception. To any situation you must always be able to smile to it and think positively. Stop thinking about this situation and this only because training the mind to be positive requires a life long learning and what you are doing now is actually a training for you mind to be able to function positively in the future. It is not about THIS situation only, is about our whole life. never risk taking the negative road to act towards a situation because once you let yourself think negatively your principles gets broken thus becomes weaker and weaker in yourself. You have a principle in your life, stick to it. for all you know, it do give benefit, not just to yourself but to others as well.

Stop blaming others towards your negative attitude. Even if they may be responsible but the choice to act towards their action lies 100% to you. Stop thinking of the things others disapprove of yourself and start thinking about the great thing that had happens once you start to boost yourself with positive attitudes. If you were to weigh them down, you will find there are more good than bad when you start to have positive thinking. Is it not you that at first believe that others mistakes are just mild errors? You cannot get perfection but what you can get is what close to perfection and whatever that makes you happy and what you think that can make others happy.

Didn’t you miss your good friend, Mr Subconscious? He haven’t talk to you so actively haven’t he? Well, for that, you just need to look deep inside yourself again and again, pray hard and pray well because only Allah sets things right again. Believe that Allah never left you all alone, He never did and never will. That is His promise.

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